I'm an associate post-doc at the Institut Jean Nicod. I specialize in topics at the interface of analytic philosophy and linguistic theory, but I'm also interested in core metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and comparative philosophy. In the more (not so) distant past, I've done research in the history of philosophy, the history of ideas, and classical studies. I did my graduate work across Italy (San Raffaele University), France (Institut Jean Nicod), and the United States (Harvard, MIT).

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Email for info about mss. in preparation or under review. Topics I'm currently exploring include:

  • the zero-shot interpretation of neologisms;
  • the phenomenal correlates of meaning apprehension in speech perception;
  • the interaction between quotation and focus in sign language;
  • brands of fictionalism in the metatheory of natural language linguistics;
  • parallels and non-parallels between musical and linguistic meaning.

Phonetic segments and the organization of speech paper
To appear, Philosophy of Science

Pronominal anaphora, coreference, and closed quotation marks paper
Mind & Language (2018) [link]

Priority cosmopsychism and the Advaita Vedānta paper
Philosophy East and West (2017) [link]

Originalism about word types paper
Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 5 (2016): 126-133 [link]

Mental files and the lexicon paper
Review of Philosophy and Psychology 7 (2016): 463-472 [link]

Word meaning (with Diego Marconi) survey article
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Summer 2015 Edition [link]

Minimal semantics and word sense disambiguation paper
Disputatio 39 (2014): 147-171 [link]

Lexical meaning in truth-conditional semantics paper
Diametros 39 (2014): 182-202

Still my guitar gently weeps paper
Kriterion, Journal of Philosophy 27 (2013): 41-52

Concetti lessicali survey article
APhEx 8 (2013): 1-32 [link]

Knowledge indicative and knowledge conducive consensus paper
Journal of the Philosophy of History 7 (2013): 162-182

Intellectual history and the history of ideas: a comparison paper
Giornale Critico di Storia delle Idee 8 (2012): 101-111

Lattanzio, La Collera di Dio book
L.C.F. Lactantius (ca. 250-325 AD), De ira Dei [On the Anger of God]
Introduction, translation, and commentary by Luca Gasparri. Afterword by Giuseppe Girgenti
Milan: Bompiani (2011). 453 pp. A review on Il Sole 24 Ore

Filosofia dell'Illusione: Lineamenti di Glottologia e di Critica Concettuale book
Foreword by Andrea Tagliapietra
Milan: Mimesis (2010). 300 pp.

Soggezione chapter
In De Paura, ed. Franco La Cecla
Palermo: Gea Schirò (2009)

Note alla Metafisica dell'Immediato book
Foreword by Massimo Donà
Padua: Il Prato (2008). 288 pp.

Suicidio e Filosofia: Dagli Antichi a Leopardi book
Foreword by Giuseppe Girgenti
Padua: Il Prato (2007). 144 pp.


PhD, Philosophy and Social Sciences, EHESS & Institut Jean Nicod
Dissertation: Six Pieces on Linguistic Sameness
Committee: François Recanati (supervisor), Claire Beyssade, Paul Egré, Mikhail Kissine, Salvador Mascarenhas
Visiting student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Linguistics & Philosophy
PhD, Philosophy and Cognitive Science, San Raffaele University & NETS
Dissertation: Making Words Mean: An Essay on Lexical Competence
Committee: Andrea Moro (supervisor), Michele Di Francesco, Diego Marconi, Alfredo Paternoster
Visiting fellow, Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
MA, Philosophy, San Raffaele University
BA, Philosophy, San Raffaele University


Journals: Erkenntnis (×4), Synthese (×3), Dialectica (×2), Topoi (×2), International Journal of Philosophical Studies (×1), Sistemi Intelligenti (×1).
Books: Bloomsbury.

American Philosophical Association
Aristotelian Society
European Society for Analytic Philosophy
Società Italiana di Filosofia Analitica
Harvard Alumni Association

Italian, English, French, Latin, Ancient Greek
Python 2.x & 3.x, HTML 5, CSS 3, LaTeX, Markdown

Classically trained musician: guitar & concert flute
Singer (bass) in the choir of the Conservatoire W.A. Mozart, Paris 1er